WHAT IS COVSUPPORT?

Covsupport News Service is a News and Information based service for Coventry people at home and abroad. 

Updated throughout the day, evening and night, seven days a week, to provide today's news today and catering for the Coventry City supporter and Coventrian, our contracted sister site Coventry City Mad provides news, views and gossip from a vast range of sources/view points as well as giving useful information to make your Coventry City supporting life a bit easier with a comprehensive section of links to all things Coventry related.

Please note, Covsupport News Service may not agree with a number of the comments raised in our articles but runs them in order to encourage debate amongst City supporters. It must not be assumed that all views expressed on this site or any other media form that we contribute to are those of Covsupport News Service.

If you would like to advertise, sponsor this site or have our news service fed to your website/want articles for your magazine, programme, newspaper or periodical, then please get in touch via the button at the top left.

Our contracted sites are updated throughout the day. If any of the links are not working, please get in touch.

The wide range of views and opinions contained on our contracted sister site Coventry City Mad are not neccessarily those of Covsupport News Service. We do not deliberately set out to offend any person and do offer the right of reply. Should you feel that we have offended you in any way, please contact us immediately to resolve the matter.

Covsupport News Service will protect those involved with this site and any others which we have an involvement with. We will take action against any one making libellous remarks or threats (including violence) either verbally, via message boards, in person or via any other form of communication. We will pass on details of any such person to the club and or clubs as well as the relevant authorities including the police.

All match reports on Coventrycity Mad are the copyright of Kev Monks and should not be used or replicated without his express permission. Anyone caught doing so, or lifting reports suppiled to other sites will be invoiced, regardless of any contract they may have with that site or any others.

Any unauthorised use of articles that have appeared on this site and/or Coventry City Mad will result in those responsible being invoiced.

Whilst Kev Monks on behalf of Covsupport News Service may provide match reports, match comments, programme notes, supporter articles to other websites or media forms including Coventry City's official site on a on demand basis, please note that he has nothing to do with the editorial control of any other website/fanzine/programme or newspaper that he may provide copy to.        


Covsupport News Service uses multi source information. Under no circumstance, will Covsupport News Service name any source and always protects any sources.  It does not ask or seek any information from any player/club employee that anyone involved with Covsupport News Service may know, other than basic match information.
Covsupport News Service does not use any links which require the use of of external servers or dial-ups.
Covsupport News Service is committed to protecting your privacy.

This Covsupport News Service Statement of Privacy applies to the Covsupport  News Service Web site and governs data collection and usage on all Covsupport News Service websites, This also includes data collected in hard copy, paper & leaflets, telephone conversations & e-mails.

Covsupport News Service is a general audience web site, intended for users of all ages.

Personal Information
Although Covsupport News Service has access as to who visits this site and others which we run, this information is not used in any way, shape or form.

Enforcement of this Statement of Privacy
If you have questions regarding this statement, you should first contact Covsupport News Service via e-mail at

The use of the terms 'COVSUPPORT NEWS SERVICE' or 'COVSUPPORT' as contained on this site are the Intellectual Property of the Covsupport News Service office & can only be used with written permission obtained through contacting Covsupport by the means described above.

Intellectual Property explained:

Any use of these terms for commercial gain or false representation,including usage of email addresses containing the word "Covsupport"  or "covsupport" will lead to legal redress being sought, promotion as detailed in the acceptance criteria is not implied or extended to any merchandising rights whatsoever in way, name, shape or form.
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